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By Rajan Nazran – Higher education Portugal – INSIGHT

It’s not often that I find myself standing at  the cusp of genuine academic disruption  or in fact wishing to start business school  all over again. But a short 45 minute  journey from the heart of Lisbon city, and  you will be astonished with a world that I  believe will be the impetus for a global  change in the educational system; the  lessons learned here could be a game  changer for Global India.  Nestled equally amongst beautiful  scenery and a golden coast of glistening  blue waves and sandy beaches, you  will find a James Bond structure  ushering from its grounds. A state of  the art privately funded $50million  investment that not only talks the talk  of a new era in educational excellence,  but also parades it down the  business runway with a proven track  record of success.  Through its high-tech and light filled  rooms, I had the opportunity to meet  with the famous Portuguese mind –  Daniel Traca, a global Indian himself,  visiting Professor at INSEAD (France  and Singapore), former World Bank  and European Commission consultant  and of course an alumni of the  dynamic Nova Business School which  he is now Dean of.  Daniel takes me for a tour of the “real  world” driven university grounds and  leads me through a remarkable journey  where I witness images that are  more in keeping with the  tech halls of Google  than something I would  consider to be your stereotypical  university. But the  deliberate shift in design is  something far more enriching  than mere architecture. Every  element of this university  screams positive distribution  and intended progress.  Nova SBE and Daniel  for that matter, are  highly unique; the  school embodies a new and much needed  light in educational change and do not just  take my word for it. What is immediately  striking is the practical pursuit of excellence  and unwavering discipline its  students have in providing a real life  environment that incubates future leaders  and mindsets. Nothing is more convincing  of this than when Daniel stops mid-tour  to congratulate one of his thousands of  students by name who happens to pass by  after completing the much coveted 24  hour Hackathon in which he came second.  It seems from our in-depth conversations  that there is a genuine desire to not only be  part of, but to shape the frontiers between  business and international relations. There  is undoubtably a foresight that is being  actively engaged upon – to future-proof  the careers for his students. Again it’s  not just talk; through the modern  lecture theatres you see symbolism of  future proofing individual capabilities whilst actively brain-storming on solutions  to the challenges of companies, society  and the world at large. It would come as  no surprise then to also learn Nova SBE is  one of the leading establishments in  Europe and features next to its famous  UK and US rivals with the added price  advantage. And with over 40% of international  students, it truly is a worldwide  experience.  I could go on, but the reality is that for any  student who is looking at higher education  abroad in the fields of business and tech,  Nova SBE is a leading choice.  Verdict: The area that I personally see  Global India benefiting from is via the  highly selective Masters Program at Nova.  Not only is it part of the Bolognia process,  but the introduction of digital business  and data analytics also enables the program  to be further real-world applicable. A word of warning, despite its cost-effective  tuition fees, the university  is highly selective and the initial exams  can be difficult for the uninitiated!

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