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There are many bespoke areas that we also work with you on, including Covid-19 economic recovery. Please contact us for further information on any of the areas mentioned to the right or indeed, for any bespoke assignment. Any challenges you are facing that require global insights, discretion and key relationships and results, our team will be happy to assist.

Covid-19 Economic Recovery

2020 has seen the world face one of the most devastating pandemics we have ever faced.Read More

The effect of Covid19 remains uncertain and our advisors aim to advise you on how best to protect, retool and thrive after the pandemic.Less

Concierge Services

We offer luxury concierge and lifestyle services for private and business clients worldwide. Being the best connected, we can arrange travel and accommodation, VIP access, day to day services, wellness, real estate, unique lifestyle experiences, source luxury items and plan for families, all at the push of a button. With members hailing from all over the world, we believe in discretion and privacy.

Dispute Resolution

We discreetly assist clientele who are avoiding a public dispute and this could be for a variety of Read More

reasons, For more information on how we can help – use the contact us option below..Less

Bespoke Assignments

We understand that governments and organisations often have needs that have not been delved into. Should you require a conversation and go into more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Case Studies


Case Study 1

As a result of Covid-19, various governments approached us with deep concerns regarding economic recovery. We were approached by a Government who wanted to forge stronger ties with non-traditional partners. Unfortunately, orthodox diplomacy was limiting their routes to access and by working with the team at NazranRoth,Read More

They were able to successfully connect to over 16 key members of international governments, from heads of state to key ministers. Within that, they established further lines of communication and importantly, extended bilateral support.Less

Case Study 2

An Opposition party in Central America needed pivotal support in an upcoming election. The subsequent result of which would determine the country’s future. The team at Nazranroth provided strategic assistance, gained international support and awareness of key issues posed and structured conversations with keyRead More

support groups and messaging. The party subsequently won the elections and have made positive progress in national prosperity and economic empowerment.Less

Case Study 3

A high-profile business family had run into a cross-border sensitive matter they wanted to avoid becoming public. They also needed the situation to be rectified at its soonest with total discretion. The NazranRoth advisory team determined successful ways of resolution and appropriately supported the family in a positive outcome.

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