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Cost Transformation

Key Takeaways

Renegotiation of IT services agreement spanning 17 countries.

$6M saving for asset manager on cross border M&A.

Renegotiation of costs, post receipt of invoices, leading to a £24M saving for a global PE firm.

Cost savings for major investment manager on restructuring project.

Cost Transformation Service

Our cost transformation service is designed to help businesses achieve and maintain cost competitiveness. We assist in simplifying, refocusing and strengthening your organisation so you can continue to grow.

Our proposition is to aid firms in making considerable costs savings through;

    1. Data gathering and analysis of current service and costs
    2. Research and renegotiation of service agreements
    3. Providing cost comparisons and benchmarks

Contract Negotiation

Our clients trust us to negotiate terms and conditions of contracts and assess its suitability for current and future market conditions.

Data Analysis

We provide enhanced auditing of all costs associated for projects and execute renegotiation of contracts where needed.

Cost Saving

In a post Covid-19 world, cost saving is equally as important as profit making activities. We go through the entire valueRead More

chain of a project and assist in simplifying, reducing and transforming costs associated.Less


We assist in the full life cycle of the procurement process for governments, companies and organisations which enables clarity on purchasing decisions and cost effectiveness.

Case Studies


Case Study 1

A global Private Equity firm worked with our advisors on a renegotiation of costs post receipt of invoices. Through our expertise and know-how, this resulted in a £24M saving.


Case Study 2

NazranRoth advisors led on a renegotiation of IT services agreements spanning 17 countries for a leading investment manager.


Case Study 3

The NazranRoth team provided procurement advice which resulted in a 30% cost saving for major investment manager on restructuring project.

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