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Case Studies

Case Study 1

We were approached by key jurisdictions in Latin America and Caribbean who wanted to prioritise relations with a key SE Asian country. They had previously spent a significant amount of money on public diplomacy that produced little to no tangible results and they needed innovative solutions, as well as experts in narrative building, positioning, public and economic diplomacy. We created and executed a strategy that saw, within 18 months, significant improvement to cultural and economic relations which translated in $150m LOC provided to the region, a public commitment of prioritisation of relationship and a further goodwill grant in excess of $14m.

Case Study 1

The EBRD, a global investment institution, were looking at on-boarding a large client from SE Asia. They realised the importance of strategic messaging and relationship building. They worked alongside our team and relied on our expertise to navigate the market and generate the positive interest needed to secure a nation partner. The EBRD were able to successfully secure a 69th country partner.


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